Bali Butterfly Park, by Jaka

On Tuesday we went to the butterfly park to see what they had for our English. We had to make a brochure about it and we did that by looking at what was in the butterfly park like the attractions they had.  My favourite part was when I held the butterflies and other bugs.

This is the brochure that I made. Bali Butterfly Park

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Pollution Solution

This gallery contains 4 photos.

We mixed Art and Social Studies to create a piece of art about pollution. We used card, coloured paper and pictures from calendars to make these fabulous fantasy collages.  

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Art Club

School is out until the end of July, but in the meantime we have been running a one-week art club for kids, ‘Discover Impressionism.’ The children were so focused on their work and produced some excellent pieces of art. Here are some of my favourites.

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Painting like Monet

I’m so very excited about our Art project this month! The children learned about the life and works of Claude Monet, and then went on to learn about Impressionist painting techniques, such as blocking areas of colour and adding detail by layering. Here are some of the fabulous results, by the kids in Years 4 to 6.

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The Diary of Billy Perryman

The children have just finished their stories of Billy Perryman, which they wrote in response to reading the Wreck of the Zanzibar by Michael Morpurgo. Here is the last part of Billy’s diary, written by Jaka.


Dear diary, it seems that Joseph Hannibal is not what I expected. He drinks a lot and borrowed my money and never gave it back, so I have decided to run away from his crew and join another ship called the Zanzibar. I am going to become a cabin boy on the Zanzibar and go all around the world. America, Africa, Ireland, France, Spain, lots of places… I just wish Laura was here. She would love going all around the world.



“We’re near Rushy Bay,” another cabin boy said to me. “Remember your home?” he asked.

“I do,” I said. His name is Ron. He and I became friends when I first got on the Zanzibar.

Suddenly, a roar of thunder echoed out of the clouds. The waves started to splash. I could see the island and Rushy Bay, but just then the rough waves crashed into the starboard of the Zanzibar and made a hole in it. The wind ripped through the sails, leaving us stranded on the wreck of the Zanzibar.

Hours passed. The ship was sinking. She was already half way down. I sat next to Ron on the bridge. Suddenly, a row of gigs came out of the foggy distance. I shouted out as a signal to let them know that we were still alive. I then noticed someone rowing in the gig. It was Laura! She was doing something she had always wanted to do. I called out for her and she headed straight for me.

After the rescue, I told Mother, Father and Laura all my stories of travelling around the world. I told them about where I went and all about the Zanzibar – everything. Now I am so tired I am ready to fall asleep.

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Papier Mache Fish

The highlight for me this week was seeing the children complete their papier-mache fish, which we made as part of our integrated unit of work on Coasts and Oceans. This was particularly satisfying for me because I have tried to make these before without much success, as it is so difficult to find a decent balloon here that doesn’t let all the air out before the papier-mache has set! This project took a lot of patience, but it paid off in the end and I think the results are just lovely.

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The Wreck of the Zanzibar

There’s nothing better in English than sharing a good book! This week Year 5 and 6 read the Wreck of the Zanzibar by Michael Morpurgo, one of my favourite children’s writers. This is a delightful story that always brings a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes when I read it aloud. The children loved it too and every day begged for us to carry on reading. Even my son, who is admittedly a reluctant reader, exclaimed, “This is so exciting! I’m making a movie of it in my head!”

The novel also inspired some creative writing from the children. Here, Jaka has written a diary entry as Billy Perryman, a fourteen-year-old who runs away to sea.

Dear diary,

Father is so mean to me. I want to run away to America. 

Today started off all right when I went to milk the cows – until Father saw the buckets and roared, “How can you milk with such dirty buckets?” He was angry, so I stomped away to wash them and that’s when I thought, “Why not run away for your fourteenth birthday?”

So after that, I went to St Mary’s without telling anyone. I was gone all day. When I came back this evening I never said a word to Laura or Granny May. Then I went out again. After sundown I came back. Laura came running to meet me. When she realized I was not alone, I said to her, “This is Joseph Hannibal. He has been all over the world.”

Soon, Laura, Joseph and I went home for supper. At home Joseph told me and my family of how he travelled to many countries – to Japan, Australia and more.

Tonight, Father came to my room. He walked around and roared at me for not coming back before,  because Molly and her calf died. I fell silent because I hadn’t known that one of our cows had died.

I have decided I must leave with Joseph. It’s a big world out there and I want to see it. I still love Father, but I need to escape.

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Hello world!

I’ve started this site so that I can share some of the awesome work that goes on at our little private study group. I love my job and am passionate about teaching, and so any times I just beam with pride at the achievements made by the kids who come to study with me at my home.  The children at Bali Riverside Homeschool are highly-motivated and take pride in their work, and as such, I believe that they deserve an audience for their writing, art and projects. I hope that you will enjoy following some of our activities over the weeks to come.

MIss Janine

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