The Diary of Billy Perryman

The children have just finished their stories of Billy Perryman, which they wrote in response to reading the Wreck of the Zanzibar by Michael Morpurgo. Here is the last part of Billy’s diary, written by Jaka.


Dear diary, it seems that Joseph Hannibal is not what I expected. He drinks a lot and borrowed my money and never gave it back, so I have decided to run away from his crew and join another ship called the Zanzibar. I am going to become a cabin boy on the Zanzibar and go all around the world. America, Africa, Ireland, France, Spain, lots of places… I just wish Laura was here. She would love going all around the world.



“We’re near Rushy Bay,” another cabin boy said to me. “Remember your home?” he asked.

“I do,” I said. His name is Ron. He and I became friends when I first got on the Zanzibar.

Suddenly, a roar of thunder echoed out of the clouds. The waves started to splash. I could see the island and Rushy Bay, but just then the rough waves crashed into the starboard of the Zanzibar and made a hole in it. The wind ripped through the sails, leaving us stranded on the wreck of the Zanzibar.

Hours passed. The ship was sinking. She was already half way down. I sat next to Ron on the bridge. Suddenly, a row of gigs came out of the foggy distance. I shouted out as a signal to let them know that we were still alive. I then noticed someone rowing in the gig. It was Laura! She was doing something she had always wanted to do. I called out for her and she headed straight for me.

After the rescue, I told Mother, Father and Laura all my stories of travelling around the world. I told them about where I went and all about the Zanzibar – everything. Now I am so tired I am ready to fall asleep.

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