About our Group

  • A small private study group for children of upper primary and lower secondary school ageIMG_1418
  • International standard of education taught by an experienced teacher
  • Core curriculum for English, Maths and Science based on the Cambridge International Programme
  • Other subjects include Social Studies, Art, ICT and Drama
  • Work is challenging but tailored to each child’s individual needs
  • Subjects are integrated and there is a strong focus on creativity
  • Safe, quiet location in a village near Canggu
  • Friendly, informal learning environment


For more information on location, timetabling and pricing, please contact baliteacher@yahoo.com

Also check out our Facebook page:  www.facebook.com/pages/Bali-Riverside-Homeschool


In English, we aim to enable the children to communicate confidently and effectively and to develop key skills so that they can access and respond to a range of texts with enjoyment and understanding. English, both fiction and non-fiction, is often integrated with the Science and Social Studies units of work. With lots of one-on-one teacher time, Bali Riverside kids quickly become talented writers. At Bali Riverside we aim to foster a love of reading, and 15 minutes each day is designated as quiet reading time. We have a well resourced ‘library’ that the children can choose from.


The Maths curriculum is presented in five content areas: Number, Geometry, Measure, Handling Data and Problem solving. The first four content areas are all underpinned by Problem solving. Mental strategies are also a key part of the Number content. As well as the more traditional worksheet and text book approach, we also include many practical activities to help the children understand the concepts taught and to enhance their learning. Also popular with the children are our weekly mental Maths and speed Maths challenges.


At Bali Riverside we develop confidence and interest in scientific knowledge, building on the children’s natural sense of wonder about the world around them. Environmental awareness and some history of science are also incorporated. Biology, Physics and Chemistry are given equal time and, wherever possible, different age groups study the same topics, but at different levels appropriate to their age. Science lessons include practical investigations, research and presentations, and recording activities with photographs and videos.

Social Studies

Our Social Studies programme includes History, Geography and Culture. The content is flexible and is tailored to suit the nationality, needs and interests of the children. There is a good deal of group and individual project work, where the children use and develop important research skills and learn to record and present information in a variety of ways, including ICT.


Art is BIG at Bali Riverside. We have two Art sessions per week, but also incorporate the subject into all other areas of the curriculum. You can see more art on our home page.


The children use ICT naturally in other subjects. This includes using: Word to publish stories and articles for our monthly newsletter; PowerPoint to present information in Science and Social Studies; the Internet for research purposes; and online games and activities, such as BBC Bitesize, to reinforce what they have learned in the classroom. The children also take their own photographs and make videos to illustrate or record their work.

Field Trips

At Bali Riverside we like to take learning out of the classroom and aim to have at least one trip per month. This could be somewhere relevant to one of our units of work in Science, Social Studies or Art – or it could simply be for fun!


10 Responses to About our Group

  1. Karin says:

    Hello I wanted to find out pricing for a 7th grader boy. I will like more information about your homeschooling program.


  2. Michelle says:


    I have 2 boys currently at Sunrise School I’m interested in your pricing and also knowing how many other kids you have their age attending your homeschool and what year would they be classed as with you?

    Campbell 12/5/2006
    Lachlan 27/7/2004

    Also what hours do you run the schooling and are holidays generally around the same time as most International Schools (I realise they are all slightly different). Finally what is the oldest you take children?

    Thank you,



    • baliteacher says:

      Hi Michelle
      Thanks for asking about the homeschool. At the moment there are 8 kids in the group, aged 9 to 13 (3 boys and 5 girls). My maximum number is 10. Campbell would be in Year 5 (Grade 4 in the Indonesian system) and Lachlan would be in Year 7 (Grade 6). The school runs Monday to Friday, 9 am to 2 pm and the cost is Rp 7.5 million per child per term (approx 3 months). Our holidays are similar to the international schools. The oldest I take is 14 (Year 9) as the kids need specialist teachers after that.
      Just let me know if there is anything else.
      Kind regards


  3. Grant Lindsay says:

    Hi I have 2 Australian boys 12 and 10 yrs old ,, year 5 and year 7,, I am interested in starting a school program. , thank you Grant Lindsay ,


  4. Rach says:

    I have 2 school aged children here in Australia. One is currently 5 years old and in Kindergarten and the other is 7 (year 2). Do you know where they are able to go to school in a similar environment?


  5. Sheila says:

    Hi we have a girl that will turn 5 next year. Could you point us in the right direction for homeschooling for her? Thank you


  6. Lexi says:

    Hi there I have a 7 yr old daughter I am homeschooling and am looking for community of homeschoolers can you give me some information please?


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